Stakes, challenges, questions

The Agile & Exponential Organization

Identifying the REAL challenges, stakes, areas of performance

improvement on which the organisation wants to foucs on : this is the first

essential step to which Metamorphosis invites you.

As an appetizer, here are a few questions lthat you maybe already ask yourself around the Agile & Exponential Organization. 

Strategy and Business Models

  • What is the raison d’être / mission of my organisation ? Its short-term / mid-term / long-term vision ? The strategy to achieve this vision ? 
  • What must be put in place to ensure that the strategy is actually executed and fully deployed throughout my organizations ? 
  • What are the most suitable business models and operating models and the differentiating value propositions
  • What kind of performance management systems to implement so that short, mid and long term views are balanced ?

Innovation & Resilience

  • How can the organization multiply its (positive) impacts and outcomes by 100, 1000, 10000 x
  • Which processes do we need for a robust management of innovation from ideation to product / service / solution launch
  • How to set up an efficient and agile project management system within my organization ?
  • How to structurally set entrepreneurship, creativity and open innovation within my organization ?
  • What do we need to put in place for a proper implementation and execution of innovation projects both internally and externally ?
  • Which organisation models, design principles and structures to develop in order to reach strategic objectives and face today and tomorrow challenges and hence strengthening organization's resilience ?

Lean and Excellence-focused Processes

  • What does strategic and operational excellence mean for my organization ?
  • How to set up responsible, long-lasting and purposeful LEAN and continuous improvement initiatives ?
  • What are the critical strategic and operational processes of your organisation ? What is their maturity level ?
  • How to design & put in place business processes in an agile way ?
  • What are the most suitable Excellence / Lean approaches and methodologies to address organisation's objectives challenges ?
  • How to optimally manage the unique know how, expertise and information of my organization ?

Feel free to send to Metamorphosis YOUR questions related to your challenges, stakes and areas for improvement through Metamorphosis' email address. They will be integrated in this page.

Last but not least, discover the questions  that you maybe already ask yourself regarding the two other pillars of the global performance : The Sustainable & Positive Impact Organization or The Human & Cooperative Organization, not to mention Fair and Participatory Change & Transformation processesthe common thread embedded in the way how the 3 pillars are processed.