Intervention principles

Metamorphosis starts with co-designing its interventions in close collaboration with its customers in order to allow them to be fully autonomous at the end of the intervention.


This means - when possible - to set up a project team composed by Metamorphosis and a representative panel of key actors (internal - services, departments, support functions, business units,... - and/or external - users, customers, suppliers, partners,...) ensuring project continuity.


Metamorphosis favours in its interventions the mobilisation of collective intelligence of all concerned parties. How ? Namely through participative facilitation and group dynamics methodologies for small and large groups like holacracy / sociocracy, Bohmian dialogue, appreciative inquiry, open space, world café, creative problem solving,... 

Moreover, when possible, Metamorphosis 


Metamorphosis also includes systems thinking in its interventions. Systems Thinking is a powerful way to globally analyse a system, its environment and the interactions between its components and to act on the leverage points of the system.


Metamorphosis favours in his learning events, the learning by doing approach that is to engage a learning process from projects / actions that motivate and mobilise the members of the learning group so that the acquired knowledge is actionable.


Metamorphosis' proposals and recommendations rely on facts, direct observations and meetings with stakeholders.

Finally, Metamorphosis supports people and organisations in the rise of their own dynamics and solutions...namely by favouring individual and team coaching combined with methodological and structuring frameworks fitting to interventions.


Metamorphosis is convinced that individuals and groups have resources and capabilities to :

  • solve issues, problems they are confronted with,
  • successfully face challenges and changes,
  • develop their potential and know how,
  • improve their performance and achieve their objectives.

These principles are embedded in Metamorphosis' set of tailor-made interventions connected to the pillars of global performance :

as well as to the common thread supporting these pillars : Fair & Participatory Transformation & Change processes.

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