The Sustainable & Positive Impact Organization

The tailor-made interventions connected to the Sustainable & Positive Impact Organizations and its 3 dimensions, "Net Positive Impact", "Shared value creation" and "Circularity" are very specific :

  • Design & implementation of positive impact and sustainable business models focused on :
    • « circularity » to design planet-friendly activities : industrial symbiosis, circular economy, blue economy, biomimicry, functional economy, biobased manufacturing,…
    • « society » to improve humans' life conditions : social business & entrepreneurship, inclusive business, shared value creation, frugal innovation, appropriate technologies, bottom of the pyramid, human centered design,…
    • « disintermediation & decentralisation » to increase communities' resilience and prosperity : sharing economy, collaborative economy, « open » business models, peer-to-peer models,…
    • based on a dynamic of more than 60 business models
  • Sustainable Development (self-)assessment of organizations re strategy & operations and projects with the help of « sustainable development » standards (ISO 26000, AFNOR 1000NR – French standard, Agenda 21 standards, project sustainability assessment grids)
  • Design & implementation of “Sustainability / Societal Responsibility” integrated roadmaps within organizations
  • Awareness & behavioural change workshops around sustainable development disciplines
  • Putting in place systemic initiatives aiming at strengthening the resilience of territories (eg : Local Agenda 21, Transition Initiative, Blue Economy, BALLE - Business Alliance for Living Local Economies,...)

Dsicover the set of tailor-made interventions proposed by Metamorphosis connected to the other pillars of global performance :

and Fair & Participatory Transformation and Change processesthe common thread embedded in the way how the 3 pillars of the global performance are processed.

Aiming at the autonomy and the continuity of the approach, the intervention principles of Metamorphosis are based on co-design.

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