Metamorphosis supports you in the search of solutions aiming at improving the sustainable performance - economical, environmental, societal and human - and the resilience of your organisation  in close connection with key stakeholders.

Stake, Challenge, Question

Identify with you the real challenges, stakes and areas of performance improvement on which the organisation wants to focus on.

Approach and Intervention

A broad set of
approaches and
interventions :
learning event, coaching,
support, consulting.


distributed through the 3 pillars of global performance :

  • A Scalable & Agile Organization : Strategy & Business Models, Lean and Business Excellence, Innovation & Agility
  • The Human Element : Governance, Team Dynamics & Ways of working
  • Sustainability : Resilience, Positive Impact and Shared Value Creation

supported by 2 common threads :

  • Leading Change and 
  • Cooperation practices

Metamorphosis is proposing tailor made interventions adapted to each organisation, its context and the challenges in front of them, whether the organisation belongs to the business, public or third / non-profit sector, in french or in English, in Belgium or elsewhere.

"Metamorphosis requires consciousness, courage,
entrepreneurship, risk 
taking and responsibility,

all the qualities of enlightened leaders and managers."
Christine Marsan in S'approprier les clés de la mutation