The Human Element

Metamorphosis is proposing a set of tailor-made interventions connected on this pillar "The human element" related to management, teams and ways of working".

  • Diagnosing, assessing and (re)defining values, management and leadership practices within your team, organization (empowerment, teamwork & collaboration, participation, initiative-taking, feedback culture, interpersonal communication, situational leadership, decision-making,...)
  • (Re)designing and implementing cooperative management and leadership models  (eg : sociocracy, holacracy, teal orgs) with the help of workshops and adapted change programs (e.g. viral change)
  • Déploying collaborative and agile project management as well as project portofolio management
  • Supporting the implementation of new governance and managerial practices through individual and team coaching as well as professional co-development groups
  • Implementing practices aiming at leveraging collective intelligence and other co-decision/co-design/co-construction approaches : art of hosting, holacracy / sociocracy, open space forums, world café, appreciative inquiry, large-group workshops methods, liberating structures,... 
  • Deploying a creativity culture as well as creative problem solving within teams, organizations
  • Setting up and implementing communities of practice and networks

Metamorphosis proposes you as well a set of tailor-made interventions

connected to the other pillars of global performance :

and Leading changeone of the 2 common threads with cooperation practices ((embedded in the way how the 3 pillars of the global performance are processed).

Aiming at the autonomy and the continuity of the approach, the interventions principles of Metamorphosis are based on co-design.

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