The tailor-made interventions connected to the pillar related to Resilience, Net Positive Impact and Shared value creation are very specific :

  • Diagnosing and reporting the global performance of your organisation with the help of global standards like Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact, ISO / AFAQ 26000, AFNOR SD 21000, LUCIE label,...and set up related action plans
  • (Re)defining a sustainable development / social responsibility strategy deeply anchored in core activities of the organisation (vs a strategy positioned as an add-on) and aligned with identified material sustainability topics
  • Setting up a concrete approach for "shared value" creation within the organisation delivering both business value and societal benefits through redefining value chains, redesigning products and services and/or strengthening local clusters
  • Assess - with the help of sustainability assessment grids - how sustainability is integrated within the organization : people, projects, products, services, supply chains
  • Exploring the potential of more than 50 emerging sustainable business models aiming at net positive impact like :
    • developing economically sustainable ecosystems with global positive impact by combining approaches like industrial symbiosis, circular economy, biomimicry, functional economy and performance economy, low carbon solutions
    • setting up financially viable solutions targeting improvement of life conditions, reduction of poverty and access to basic needs through the development of hybrid value chains, social business, social entrepreneurship, frugal / Jugaad innovation, appropriate technologies, human-centered desig
    • increasing the decentralisation and desintermediation of economy : collaborative / sharing economy, open business models (open innovation, open collaboration), crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, complementary currencies,... 
  • Putting in place systemic initiatives aiming at strengthening the resilience of territories (eg : Local Agenda 21, Transition Initiative, Blue Economy, BALLE - Business Alliance for Living Local Economies,...)
  • Designing a program for developing sustainable living through innovative business solutions in close collaboration with citizens and local authorities (eg social labs & human-centered design)

Dsicover the set of tailor-made interventions proposed by Metamorphosis connected to the other pillars of global performance :

and Leading changeone of the 2 common threads with cooperation practices ((embedded in the way how the 3 pillars of the global performance are processed).

Aiming at the autonomy and the continuity of the approach, the intervention principles of Metamorphosis are based on co-design.

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