A Scalable & Agile Organization

The set of tailor-made interventions - learning event, coaching, support, consulting to ease the metamorphosis of Governance, Structure and processes is quite broad :

Strategy & Business models

  • Setting up workshops aimed at defining / reviewing the mission, vision and strategy of your organisation in small and/or large groups
  • Setting up scenario building workshops
  • Mapping, analysing and (re)designing business models, value chains and value propositions of your organisation with the help of tools like Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean, Lean Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas
  • Designing / updating performance scorecards / dashboards (e.g. balanced scorecards, KPIs, OKRs) and deploying them within your organisation 
  • (Re)designing and implementing organisation structure (or a specific part of it)

Lean & Business Excellence 

  • Designing & implementing a roadmap for strategic and operational Excellence
  • Implementing a participatory Lean culture and approach (Responsible Lean) without putting the workforce under "negative" pressure
  • (Re)designing key strategic and operational processes (definition, implementation, follow up, improvement) in your organization
  • Deploying a continuous improvement / Lean toolbox (performance dialogue, 5S, Problem Solving, Value Stream Mapping, DMAIC, SIPOC, SMED,...) 
  • Defining and implementing a sound strategy for information and knowledge management (map / capture / share / transfer)

Innovation & Agility

  • Innovation diagnostic including recommendations for improvement (culture, processes,...)
  • Developing and implementing participative innovation (within the organization), collaborative innovation (with key stakeholders) and open innovation (beyond usual stakeholders)
  • A systematic 360° exploration of the different innovation ways across a dozen of innovation types
  • Iteration-based development of products, services, solutions with the help of methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile
  • Setting up acceleration vehicles for innovation projects like Hackathons, Sprints, Startup Weekends,...
  • Setting up intrapreneurship / entrepreneurship initiatives (networks of candidates, ideas incubators, projects nurseries, Lean Startup,...)

Metamorphosis proposes you as well a set of tailor-made interventions

connected to the other pillars of global performance :

and Leading change, one of the 2 common threads with cooperation practices ((embedded in the way how the 3 pillars of the global performance are processed).

Aiming at the autonomy and the continuity of the approach, the intervention principles of Metamorphosis are based on co-design.

Interested ? Discover how it's working concretely.